The Sympler, the better

Symple is a San Francisco-based startup focused on shaking up the world of business purchases. While I spent the 2017 summer between years of graduate school in their offices helping develop the product — look for another post about that soon! — I joined originally to develop the look and feel for the young company.

It was a pleasure to work alongside an organization that understood design's value and knew what they wanted in a brand. 


The brand as it appears here was the result of a careful pairing down process from several more complex options. Like the product, the company itself holds itself to a noble goal of simplicity; it's even bound to it by name.

Probably the hardest thing to get right in a branding project is striking the balance between simplicity and effective engagement. The logo has to set the tone for the business, and it has to stick in users' minds. With this project, I set out to achieve that balance by incorporating some simple (heh) yet powerful elements within the wordmark itself.

Early logo iterations with precursor elements that eventually found their way into the final mark, like the boxed "Sy" and the changes to the y.

At the beginning of the process, I began to explore options for coloring the second stroke of the "y" in Symple, but it wasn't until the end that we settled upon a more fundamental approach of hollowing out the stroke. 

To fully utilize the wordmark as a word itself, I added a period to the end — in addition to being another element to play with, it makes the name into a sentence.

Q: "How can we do that?"
A: "Symple."