Branding Land's End

I began brewing beer from scratch with some friends shortly after moving to San Francisco. It became a rewarding pastime for us, and eventually, we finally chose to call it “Land’s End,” borrowing the name from a nearby landmark perched on the northwestern corner of the city to christen our new brewery. It fit perfectly, as, in a sense, we were at the "end" of the territory we knew and embarking on unchartered waters, as far as brewing goes. 

Brewing as a creative process captured my attention — you get to craft a recipe, brew it, and nurture a beer for a few weeks. And only then do you get to see how well you did. It requires concentration & effort, and in the end you get beer!

I began this brand as sketches to represent what the unique San Francisco-borne homebrewing project meant to us. The colors came from the city around us — the fog, the Pacific Ocean, and the Golden Gate Bridge. We wanted a logo that was bold, fun, chunky, and colorful — it became an engrossing personal project and is always in development.

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