From Helsinki HQ to the furthest corners of Europe (here in Lisbon on our honeymoon)

Who is Liam?

Hi! I'm a resident Califjordian and a designer focused on the intersection of physical and digital products, and making information and technology more accessible to everyone. I want to make things that are truly meaningful and useful to people. And I want to make technology and information less intimidating! I think design is the key to doing both of these things, and I want to make things that are meaningful, useful, and a bit whimsical. 

In the past, I've dabbled in interaction design, visual design, service design, UX design and branding. I've designed for news, publications, advertising studios, cutting-edge healthcare, and startups. I came to the Media Lab to build on that experience and grown my technical and user-centered design abilities. 

At the Media Lab I explore & dabble in all sorts of things related to interaction design, programming, information design, service design, and technology. In my free time I like to attempt to survive Finnish winters, ride my bike, and explore Europe with my wife from our home base in Helsinki.


Bringing a little bit of California to Finland, however haphazard the borders may be

What is Califjordia?

Califjordia was "discovered" when I moved from my homeland of California to Helsinki, Finland to begin my MA studies in New Media Design at the fantastic Media Lab Helsinki at Aalto University. Califjordia represents the intersection of these two lands — a combination of the beauty and adventure to be found in the Nordic Region and the Pacific Coast.

I think the two have a lot in common — there's a ton of natural beauty in Finland and California, and the people in both places tend to be pretty down to earth and interested in making things that matter. Each has their own rich history and variety of striking landscapes. And each stand as a shining jewel — in different ways — in their respective regions.

Really, Califjordia is an embodiement of my philosophy and approach as a designer and a person. It's about making something greater than yourself with the people around you, and having a good time doing it. 

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